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Proclamation of the Century of the Parasites
May 18, 2001

There is a spook going around in Europe, the spook of people on social security in the third generation.

Fortunately, the recipients of social security appear to be multiplying. This is because only people who are no longer prepared to produce, but rather to consume, can still provide for social progress. We therefore announce here and today:

The Century of the Parasites.

What, the parasites? The so-called "vermints of the nation's body"?
How can you dare to use this term, which served the Nazis as a pretext for their gas chamber murders?

This shows precisely how from the Nazi perspective, humans being declared to be parasites have been seen only as objects of exterminism, i.e. destruction.
We however proclaim:
Just as productivity developed, it is only the consumers who can ensure that the dramatically swollen creature of capital, this monster of idle work, which otherwise would squash itself together with all of us with its own force of gravity, can survive.

If the 19th century was the century of the citizens, the 20th century the century of the workers' movement, then the 21st century is the century of the parasites.
The parasites, because only the consumption by an increasing and unproductive section of society can still satisfy the yearning for production by the work-addictive other section of society.

Obviously this is about the democratization of the parasiters, namely persons with a low income letting themselves be fed. But finally the rich never had a problem with that.
The abolishing of Paragraph 25 of the Federal Social Welfare Assistance Law, a "forced labor law", which blackmails people with punitive labor into offering their work, is therefore just the first step towards the realization of the Right to Laziness, which will then be made more comfortable in the next steps.

Why are you so confident that you are able to proclaim the title of this century today already?

Because Chancellor Schroeder, the comrade of the bosses, has a good reason to call out in panic that there is "no right to laziness". In reality, more and more people are prepared not to be willing to work and to refuse the newly gained work placements, which were obtained by imploration!
And therein we must now encourage them, they are the avant-garde, which will transform society and its production conditions in the future.

How will this happen? You must be crazy,

some may say, like a retrospective Mrs. Lot:
This is because the avant-garde among the parasites facilitate the delivery from fear which is spread by the capital body which slays itself with its dead labor.

It already produces such horror visions e.g.: Bio and genetic engineering for the production of weapons of mass destruction affordable for almost anyone. Does anyone in this room believe that they would not be used and that there could be fear of mutuallly assured destruction on a personal level? Being in a state of perpetual fear, only those who first become the mass murderers would be able to claim victory.
Set against this is the program of the freeing from fear by the parasites, the happy unemployed persons. Thus undesired jobs would only be done for maximum wages and work would be freed from torment, because the right to laziness works like a goad to remove the fear of remaining with no means of survival.

Thus the social state of war will first be at an end when the parasite gets the unconditional right to laziness and thereby civilizes society itself.

Can you formulate your argumentation a bit clearer?

There are three arguments which speak for the century of the parasites:
A) the moral argument
b) the economic argument with the appropriate positions of self-interest
C) the emotional or emancipatory argument.

A the moral argument:
The right to exist of persons, independently from his/her contribution to the social wealth must be become a reality. Only when one recognizes this right, also for those who, for whatever reason they may have, do not want to contribute to it, will life without destructive ulterior motives begin. The basis for moral and civilized handling is only redeemed by the right to laziness.

B the economic argument
When those dependant on wages and salaries, in Marxist terminology: the working class, establish that, being government regulated, not so much the unemployment is subsidized but rather labor, then there is obviously an ideology of idolizing labor, in other words: a portion of the produced value is used to produce more work.

On the other hand the working class must have an interest in increasing the price of the commodity "work" by reducing the available manpower. Therefore the alliance with the work-shy, yes the transferring of services to them, is in the direct economic interest of the working class. This is the only way to increase real wages, specifically including rising social security contributions to the work-shy parasites.
This economic argument is naturally class-bound to the interests of wage and salary dependents, wage and salary dependents, both employed and non-employed.

C the emotional or emancipatory argument:

"If we want to earn love instead of disgust, if we want to be longed for, we must answer the question of power and its practice. We must invent a practice of power which does not produce fear. That would be something new."
Michel Foucault said in 1979.

A dignified income without having to work, is the prerequisite for overcoming an existential fear, the fear that one is worthlessly abandoned and is a victim of hunger if one does not participate in the "work dance", for whatever reasons.
A foundation is thus created so that power is no longer based on fear or resentment and the punishment regime collapses.
The conditions are created which enables one to carry out ones own life plan and self-determination, thus emancipation. 

That's the way it is!

Proclaimed on May 18, 2001 by the "Futuristen" in the "Volksbuehne" at Rosa Luxembourg Place, Berlin